Monday, October 31, 2011

Bloggers' Quilt Festival Fall 2011

This is my second time participating in the Blogger's Quilt Festival, this time with an older entry.  I made this mini quilt in January 2010.  I love trees, and this is our first home that does not have many trees at all.  It's nice to see trees in pictures! 

This is one of the first quilted things I have ever made, not that I am an expert now, but I have learned a lot since then.  I did a lot of raw edge applique and free-motion stitching for this, a lot of hand-sewn buttons, and a lot of experimenting. It's not a technical masterpiece, or terribly complex, but it's cheery, and I like it!   You can see a bunch of wibbly wobbly lines.  As much as I am a perfectionist about some things, this was more of a folksy feeling I was going for, so the woobliness was good.  (In our house, woobly is a word).  It doesn't hurt that woobly lines were easier than perfectly concentric circular ones!  But now this little quilt hangs with two others on our dining room wall, a formerly blank space that now is a pleasure to look at! 

Thank you for looking, and be sure to check out the other amazing quilts in the festival!

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  1. I really really like this! I may have to have a go at something like this. Very cheerful. And I just love the name of your blog - very fun and I'm sure there's a great story behind it!

  2. Thanks Shari! It was fun to make!

  3. lovely quilt and a nice story, I like it.

  4. This is lovely, really pretty and cheerful.

  5. what a wonderful little quilt, your quilting shows no fear!!