Sunday, August 21, 2011

Quilt in a Day!

August 20, In Which I Sew Like a Mad Woman

Yesterday was a friend's wedding.  I knew about the wedding since January, and sometime in the Spring, I decided to make a gift - I'm crafty, I have a ton of fabric, and a lot of time... And so time went on, and on, and on...
This past week, I did not think a gift would happen, so I planned to just get a gift card or cash.  Friday night, I started thinking and remembering seeing some quick to make quilts, and Saturday morning, I checked them out and very quickly hatched a plan... Based on this site, I decided to do the same!

4 hours later I had my quilt! (Well it would have taken longer if I had taken any breaks, but I was a madwoman, remember?)  

I did a few things differently though...
Instead of using spray basting, I used 16 pins to baste the batting to the backing, and sewed 5 seams attaching the batting to the backing.  I used 100% cotton batting, so the backing fabric clung nicely to the batting!  Then I proceeded to attach my strips of fabric.  I used Anna Maria Horner's LouLOUthi (I got mine from Sew Love Fabrics on etsy.)  I had not cut into them yet, and I have no idea when I would have, but they are so beautiful and I thought my friend would love them. Someone commented on the site I got the tutorial from that they use a fleece Ikea blanket to sew strips to instead of using batting and backing.  I'd like to try this too - definitely a time saver and easier, and cuddly, but not the look I was going for. 

Next time I make one of these quilts, I'll take more pictures, but I was clipping threads right up until we left, and we had some grumpiness and stress happening here...

And now for something completely different: check out my friend Nell's site! 
She's an awesome artist, and she's wearing a different striped outfit everyday for a month!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Right now, it is Tuesday morning, 9:35.  I was just working on a train puzzle with my 3 year old (it was a reward for using the potty - something we are working on.  I'm sure rewards are frowned upon by some people, but they are not here right now).  We're listening to Joel Plaskett and the Emergency's Ashtray Rock.  The baby is napping, and I'm thinking about whether we should go to playgroup or the beach this morning, getting some sewing finished up (so many works in progress), and when I'm going to make cookies and start using up those giant zucchini we just picked from the garden!  Chocolate zucchini cake and lemon zucchini muffins...mmmm... And now to read a book to the little monkey.