Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Blogger's Pillow Party

I really should be sleeping right now, but I can't resist a challenge.  Here is my pillow!  I wanted to try circles, and after several almost but not quite perfect attempts at this way of doing circles, I tried this way by Anna Maria Horner.  I would like to perfect the former way, but time is of the essence, and with my husband away and 2 small children, speed was essential.  And this way of doing circles is fast!  I loved it and will definitely make circles again.  I'd like to embroider a bit around the circles in different colours, but for now it is done.  Maybe next pillow.  Also new to me is the quilting - I know there is a name for it - echo quilting?  Anyway, I like how it adds substance and interest to the negative areas.  And I usually use all patterned fabric, and this pillow has mostly solids and one pattern (Anna Maria Horner) and I chose my solids based on it.  I love the colours!!!  Thanks for looking, and I enjoyed the challenge!

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Earth Day

Okay, a day late for Earth Day, but aren't we supposed to make every day Earth day?  We try our best to do what we can - buy in bulk to save on packaging, bring bags to the grocery store, recycle, but there is so much more we could do.  My latest DIY interests have been in making our own home cleaning products - I already use vinegar and borax for basic cleaning, but laundry soap is next!  I have seen the recipes that involve grating soap, but then I found this and it seems even easier to me!  If you're Canadian, you know who David Suzuki is.  I don't know if average non-Canadians know who he is, but he is a well-known enviro-guy here.  Anyway, check out his site, and the Queen of Green's blog, as well as their YouTube videos which show how to make laundry soap, and among other things, shampoo!  I love my current hand-made local artisan shampoo, but I do want to give this a try.

So, what can my family do to reduce our footprint on the Earth?  So much, but I'm using the library more, buying used clothing or swapping clothing, sewing more from upcycled fabrics (but I'm still addicted to buying new fabrics), making more things at home and skipping buying super-packaged items that travel on a truck - like granola bars (I'll post recipe soon!) and bread.  Hoping to be a part of the solution!

Happy Earth saving everybody!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Feeling Super

We have some house drama going on right now that I'd rather not talk about, but this is a nice cheery picture!  Our little monkey was given this Grover a year ago - an extra bought by friends of ours for their son, should he happen to lose his beloved first Grover.  At 7 years old and not needing second Grover, our little girl was gifted it!  Oh how she loved him!  He came with us everywhere!  And then as time went by, he was slowly edged out by other toys and distractions.  He wasn't even needed at bedtime anymore! Then one day recently, he re-entered our lives!  We were playing with trains and there was a de-railing and Super Grover came to the rescue!  Well, he needed a cape, so yesterday he got one.  Grover is beloved once again!  I love old school Sesame Street.  I didn't realize how sad it was that this toy was forgotten.  Sad for me.  I think I'm going to get my butt kicked by parenting.  Outgrown sweaters and pajamas, toys no longer loved.  At least I can always count on this little's girl exuberance...and loudness...and love of cookies (like her mom!)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

First Quilt, Almost Done!

I am so excited to be almost done my first quilt!!!  I have made some mini quilts - wall hangings - but this is my first full-size quilt, and I decided to just go ahead and make a queen size quilt for our bed!  I am going to machine quilt it, but I am not quite sure exactly how to do it.  I mean, I know HOW, but free-motion, or straight lines...  I am going to do it this weekend, because I want to use it!  I'll post a finished picture after it's done!